The 200 Block of the West Side of Webster Street

1885 Illustration showing the 200 & 300 blocks of Webster
1885 Sketch Showing the West Side of Upper Portion of the 200 Block and the Lower Portion of the 300 Block of North Webster Street

Businesses in the 200 block of Webster included Oscar Patmore’s Feed Store, two of Jamwolfe & Beardslee Adv from 1907 rc city directoryes Peterson’s earlier Agricultural Implement businesses and storage facilities, the Dickinson blacksmith shop, a variety store, the Featherly & Evans Grocery Store, Johnson & Co.’s Second-Hand Store, the Ludlow Grocery store, Walker & Brakefield’s Pumps and Windmills, J. S. Noll’s Red Cloud Music Store, J. L. McAlister’s Marble Works, the Blue Front Saloon, the Wolfe Blacksmith Shop, later the Beardslee & Wolfe, the Webster County Argus newspaper, a cigar manufacturing enterprise, Grandma Mick’s millinery shop that housed her home in the rear, various other offices, blacksmith, harness, carriage painting, feed, repair, and carpenter shops.

Beardslee & Wolfe Blacksmith Shop
Charlie Whitaker and Ira Wolfe in their Blacksmith Shop


– by Suzi Yost Schulz